Transcat Calibration servicesTranscat Calibration services

Megohmmeter & Insulation Tester Calibration Services

Know the accuracy of your insulation testers and megohmmeters. Transcat's accredited insulation tester calibrations can provide the critical confirmation that your instruments meet quality and safety standards. We calibrate the ohmmeters that are designed for insulation resistance testing of electrical devices, including those that deliver wide-ranging functionality. At Transcat, we are authorities in the critical nature of insulation resistance measurement ‚ and its role in identifying problems before unsafe conditions, system malfunctions or equipment issues occur. Since insulation is continually challenged and degrades throughout its life, the calibrated insulation tester is vital to electrical maintenance and troubleshooting. Transcat's accredited electrical calibration services will give you greater confidence in determining if the insulation is optimal for motors, transformers, generators, cables, and other equipment.

Transcat's Resistance Testing Calibration Expertise

Transcat performs stringently documented and controlled calibrations on megohmmeters used to capture high and low resistance measurements. We can assist you in confirming the capabilities of the tester that conducts critical safety checks on high voltage electrical equipment insulation. Our skilled teams ensure that engineers, technicians, and electricians have access to accurate insulation resistance readings from testers with various measurement ranges. We provide extensive capabilities in Megger calibrations, as well as for the full scope of other brands. Transcat delivers:

  • World-class ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory capabilities.
  • Services for all types of benchtop or handheld resistance and insulation testers, including the Megger family of insulation testers, plus Hioki, IET Labs, AEMC, Extech and Fluke models.
  • SI-traceable and ISO 9001-compliant calibrations performed according to stringent quality procedures developed by leading metrology experts.
  • On-site or in-lab calibrations that verify conformance with OEM standards or customized specifications.
  • Several options for calibration service levels to meet your budgetary requirements.

Services for Your Insulation Tester Systems

Megohmmeter & Insulation Tester Calibration Lab Services

Through stringently controlled megohmmeter calibration procedures we will work to ensure that you can perform efficient and accurate short-time, spot-reading, time-resistance, step or multi-voltage tests. We stand out within our industry for providing consistency in procedures and datasheets across our network of North American labs and among our highly trained technicians. We also repeatedly check any unexpected results to protect your operations against electrical measurement inaccuracies that can lead to safety risks and equipment losses. Transcat's world-renowned expertise comes with the convenience of high quality, onsite calibrations, which can be tailored to your application. As a Transcat in-lab or onsite customer, you will also experience fast turnarounds, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service.

Comprehensive Electrical Capabilities

Megohmmeter & Insulation Tester Calibration Lab Services

Transcat provides standard and reference-level Electrical Calibration Services for all types of test and measurement equipment. Our services keep systems running smoothly. In addition to insulation testers, we deliver comprehensive electrical capabilities that include:

  • Micro-ohmmeters and digital low resistance ohmmeters
  • Multimeters ‚ DMM, handheld and bench models
  • Oscilloscopes and ScopeMeters
  • AC/DC power supply calibration

The Calibration of Insulation Testers

Megohmmeter & Insulation Tester Calibration Lab Services

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