Transcat Calibration servicesTranscat Calibration services

Transcat Repair Services - Flat Rate Repair Pricing

With over 45 years of performing quality calibrations and repairs, we have our procedures and costs down to a science. This vast experience enables us to transfer savings to you in the form of flat rate pricing on the most popular instruments we repair.

Call 800.828.1470 for our current flat rate repair prices.

EquipmentFlat Rate Price
Altek 334 Call
Altek 334A Call
Altek 820 Call
Altek 234 Call
Altek 830 Call
Altek 830-KP Call
Altek 322 Call
Altek 422 5086T Call
Altek 211 Call
Altek 311 Call
Altek 311A Call
Altek 222 Call
Altek 134-2 Call
Altek 235 Call
Altek 4669T or 322 Call
Altek 942 Call
Altek 11 Call
Altek 434 Call
Altek 890 Call
Altek 241 Call
Ashcroft ATE 100 Call
AVO/Biddle 210170 Call
AVO/Biddle BM11 Call
AVO/Biddle BM400 Call
AVO/Biddle MJ159 Call
AVO/Biddle MJ459 Call
AVO/Biddle 230315 Call
AVO/Biddle 220005 Call
AVO/Biddle 212359 Call
AVO/Biddle 210400 Call
AVO/Biddle 230425 Call
Druck DPI 610 Call
Druck UPS 11 Call
Eaton UPC 5000 Call
Fluke 87 Call
Fluke 87 III Call
Fluke 87 V Call
Fluke 787 Call
Fluke 718-100G Call
Fluke 718-30G Call
Fluke 725 Call
Fluke 724 Call
Fluke 741 Call
Fluke 743 Call
Fluke 744 Call
Fluke 789 Call
Fluke 189 Call
Fluke 179 Call
Fluke 187 Call
Fluke ‚ 700 Series Pressure Modules Call
Fluke 23 Call
Fluke 25 Call
Fluke 27 Call
Fluke 83 Call
Fluke 79 Call
Fluke 85 Call
Fluke 717 Pressure Series Call
Hart Scientific 9009 Call
Hart Scientific 6102 Call
Hart Scientific 9140 Call
Hart Scientific 7103 Call
Hart Scientific 9123 Call
Hart Scientific 9141 Call
Hart Scientific 9102S Call
Hart Scientific 6330 Call
Hart Scientific 7320 Call
Hart Scientific 9011 Call
Hart Scientific 9103 Call
Hart Scientific 9102HDRC Call
Hart Scientific 9100HDRC Call
Hart Scientific 9101 Call
Megger BMM80 Call
Megger 210170 Call
Megger 210400 Call
Megger 210415 Call
Megger 212159 Call
Megger 218638 Call
Megger 220005 Call
Megger 230315 Call
Megger 230425 Call
Megger 247000 Call
Megger 247001 Call
Megger 250260 Call
Megger 720390 Call
Megger BM11 Call
Megger BM11D Call
Megger BM21 Call
Megger BM25 Call
Megger BMM503 Call
Megger MJ15/NA Call
Megger MJ159 Call
Megger MJ359, 212359, MJ460 Call
Megger WM6 Call
Meriam DP2001 Call
Transcat 4353E Call
Transcat 4363T Call
Transcat 23614P Call
Transcat 23415P Call
Transcat 5961T Call
Transcat 23300P Call
Transcat 23622P Call
Transcat 5853T, 9100 Call
Transcat 23236E Call
Transcat 5102RTC Call
Transcat 5860PV Call
Transmation 1040 Call
Transmation 1045 Call
Transmation 190 Call
Transmation 191 Call
Transmation 195 Call
Transmation 23120E Call
Transmation 1091 Call
Transmation 23614P Call
Transmation 1091-0 Call
Transmation 1070 Call
Transmation 90-XX Series Call
Transmation 1090 Call
Transmation 23617P Call
Transmation 1080 Call
Transmation 1064P Call
Transmation Checkmate 600 Call
Transmation 1061/1062 Call
Transmation 91/92/IS31/IS33 Call
Transmation 1074 Call
Transmation 23120E Call