Equip your testing environment with portable, precise Wheatstone bridges and Kelvin double bridges from Transcat. The Wheatstone bridge is a device containing a divided bridge circuit for taking highly accurate resistance measurements. It captures the value of an unknown resistance, in comparison to known resistors within the circuit. Precision bridges provide exact resistance measurements in the miliohms (m_) to megohms (Mohm) range within their specified accuracies. We offer portable Kelvin double bridges, which are forms of the Wheatstone, designed to measure low resistance – with high accuracy. Transcat also stocks individual resistors, which provide resistance standards in low to high values. They operate in conjunction with potentiometers or bridges.

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  1. Yokogawa 2771-00
    Yokogawa 2771-00 External Std.Resistor for 276910 & 275200
    Order #: 2771-00
    Mfg #: 277100
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    External Std.Resistor for 276910 & 275200 Learn More
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