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Transcat Introduces C3 - Our Newest Portal to Your Calibrations

C3, our new asset management software is being introduced replacing our longstanding CalTrak Online (CTO) portal. C3 stands for (Compliance, Control and Cost) and at Transcat we see these as the major domains of concerns for proactive management within the regulatory environment as it relates to instrument calibration. We specifically designed C3 to assist our valued clients in driving compliance to quality systems, enhancing control of instrumentation while driving overall metrology cost down. Understanding the unique environments that our clients operate within, we customized the platform to allow for single system of record utilization via capabilities that allow clients to track instruments calibrated by Transcat.

C3 in use

Remain Compliant with Your Quality Systems

Transcat's C3 DashboardTranscat's C3 Dashboard
  • Simple and intuitive design enhances user compliance to improve accuracy and reduce costs
  • Allows easy access to all your calibration records including certificates, current instrument status, and much more

The benefits of C3 are...

  • A newer, more robust platform offering greater uptime, improved security and increased speed
  • Modern graphical interface
  • Better search capabilities with more information such as purchase order number, date searches and more
  • Ability to select the fields you want to see
  • Easier access to historical data including order history, certificates and more

C3 is the complete service offering to assist you in proactively managing your instrumentation. For additional information on C3, please contact your sales representative. To register for C3, visit the C3 Online Registration form.

C3 Software by Transcat ‚ Frequently Asked Questions

What is C3? C3 is Transcat's new asset management software. It is replacing CalTrak Online (CTO) as your portal to Transcat for all your instrument's calibration information and history.

Why replace CalTrak Online? CTO was the industry's first calibration portal, and the platform it uses is now old technology and is being retired. C3 is built on the newest technology available, allowing us to provide more features and functionality.

Are there any specific system requirements to use C3? Most of the requirements are basic and are displayed on the C3 homepage at

What happens to all my calibrations history that is currently in CTO? All your calibration history that is currently available in CTO will be available to you in C3.

Will my login information be the same?No. To protect you and your data, C3 was built with more stringent security protocol than CTO, and your login credentials must change to meet that protocol.

Is C3 easy to use? We've designed C3 with a new graphical interface which makes it more intuitive than CTO. Within C3, you can hover over fields to display helpful information. A user's manual can be downloaded by clicking Help within C3.

Can we have multiple users access our account? Yes, your C3 user account was setup to mimic your CTO account structure. If you require additional users, you can submit additional user login requests using the Request button on the C3 login screen.

What if I have problems or need additional help? You can contact your sales rep or call us at 800-828-1470