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  1. GE Druck DPI611
    Druck DPI 611-13G
    Pneumatic Calibrator,-15 to 300 PSIG
  2. Megger MIT515 5-kV Insulation Resistance Tester
    Megger MIT515
    5-kV Insulation Resistance Tester
  3. Fluke 754
    Fluke 754

    Documenting Process Calibrator with HART Instrument

  4. Keysight Technologies 34972A
    Keysight Technologies 34972A
    LXI Data Acquisition Switch Unit w/LAN & USB
    Special Price $2,514.50 Regular Price $2,675.00
  5. 475
    Emerson 475 Field Communicator
    Field Communicator with HART and FOUNDATIONfieldbus
    Special Price $11,668.88 Regular Price $13,260.10
  6. xp2i
    Crystal Engineering XP2i: 15KPSIXP2I
    Digital Pressure Gauge, 15K PSI,
    Special Price $1,781.56 Regular Price $1,936.48
  7. PIE 820
    PIE 820
    Multifunction Single Channel Calibrator w/NIST,Case & Boot
  8. Additel ADT760-MA-DL
    Additel ADT760-MA-DL
    Pressure Calibrator, -12.5 to 300PSI(w/CP300)w/HART & Datalog
    Special Price $11,923.98 Regular Price $12,960.85
  9. FLIR E95 Advanced Thermal Camera 464x348, with MSX, 24 deg Lens
    FLIR E95
    Advanced Thermal Camera 464x348 with MSX, 24 deg



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