Transcat Calibration servicesTranscat Calibration services

Grounding Cluster Calibration and Testing Services

We calibrate the ground cluster sets that contribute to electrical crew safety. You can rely on our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited labs to service the grounding clusters you need to protect personnel as they work on low- or high-voltage power systems that could become re-energized. We can calibrate your complete range of ground cluster testing equipment, including customized sets, which are critical to worksite operations. Our calibration services include inspection and testing of your system components, such as grounding cables, clamps, and ferrules.

Rely on Our Ground Cluster Testing Capabilities

During a calibration service, our technicians will ensure that all the parts for the personal grounding process – from the grounding cables to the voltage testers – are operating to your guidelines and performing to manufacturer’s ratings and OSHA requirements. We’ll confirm that cables and other parts of a set are still testing to the standards they were originally manufactured to meet. In addition to testing ground cluster kits, our capabilities cover hot sticks, ground resistance testers, earth ground testers, and multifunction safety meters.

Grounding Cluster Calibration and Testing Services

Are All Transcat Electrical Calibrations Done in Accredited Labs?

All of our accredited laboratories throughout North America provide expertise in electrical calibration. These labs are ready to assist you with the testing ofelectrical equipment that works hard in the field and is critical to protecting lives and assets. Each lab is committed to excellence as it provides:

  • Calibrations on grounding equipment from most every manufacturer.
  • Testing of grounding cluster sets used in utility, commercial, and industrial applications.
  • The services of highly skilled technicians who specialize in the testing of electrical equipment.
  • Calibrationstraceable to national and international standardswith known uncertainties.

Be Confident in Your Testing Results

When it’s time to inspect and test your electrical equipment, you need assurance of results accuracy. If you choose a Transcat calibration, you can be confident in our commitment to testing quality and accuracy.

  • As an industry-leading provider of electrical calibrations, Transcat services a comprehensive range of electrical testing and measurement devices.
  • Our labs adhere to the same high quality standards whether the calibration is performed on your site or in one of our labs.
  • We deliver consistency across our calibration processes and throughout our network of laboratories.

For more information on our electrical calibrations, please use our Live Chat system, Request a Quote, contact us, or call 800-828-1470.