Transcat Calibration servicesTranscat Calibration services

Accredited Electrical Calibration Lab Services from Transcat

As the premier provider of accredited electrical calibration services, Transcat services a comprehensive range of meters and testers including the calibration of multimeters and sensors, power supplies and transmitters. We also service various types of RF test equipment including oscilloscopes and scopemeters. Our expansive scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation covers our calibration capabilities for AC Resistors and Current, DC Resistance and Current, DC/AC-LF Voltage, LF Capacitance, LF Power/Energy, HF/UHV, RF/Microwave, and Luminance/Illuminance ‚ with a wide range of measurement parameters. With true traceability to SI (international standard) units through NIST, and ISO 9001 compliant calibrations, Transcat's accredited electrical calibration capabilities exceed the most stringent quality requirements.

Each of our accredited calibration laboratories throughout the US and Canada offer accredited electrical calibration services. For high-voltage up to 120,000 VDC and reference-level electrical DC/AC-LF laboratory standard capabilities, check out our Houston metrology lab. Transcat also offers on-site calibration and in-process calibration services at your location, providing you with the same industry-leading quality standards ‚ at our site or yours.

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Mutimeter Calibration ‚ DMMs, Handheld, and Bench

  • We service Fluke meters such as the 87-series, 787, 789, and 170-series, Megger multimeters including the AVO300 and AV0400 series, and all other makes/models including AEMC multimeters, Extech multimeters,and Amprobe multimeters
  • Transcat calibrates handheld, benchtop, insulation testing, clamp-on, digital, and analog multimeters

Oscilloscope Calibration

  • Transcat calibrates benchtop oscilloscopes from the top names in scopes including Keysight/Agilent,Tektronix, Instek, B&K Precision, Rigol, and many more
  • We also calibrate handheld oscilloscopes and scopemeters including the Fluke 190 series, the AEMC Instruments OX-series, and the Keysight/Agilent U16-series

Power Supply Calibration ‚ AC Power & DC Power

  • Transcat provides DC/AC-LF calibration services with DC to 100 MHz for all makes/models of power supplies
  • We calibrate AC & DC power supplies from Keysight/Agilent, Fluke, GE Panametrics, B&K Precision,Extech, and more

Insulation Tester Calibration and Megohmmeter Calibration

  • Transcat services benchtop resistance testers such as the the Megger MIT500-series and MIT1000-series,as well as benchtop units from manufacturers such as Hioki, EIT Labs, and AEMC
  • We also calibrate handheld resistance testers and insulation testers such as the Fluke 1500-seriesand the Megger MIT400-series

Micro-Ohmmmeter/DLRO Calibration

Electrical Brands Calibrated

  • AccuMac
  • Additel
  • AEMC Instruments
  • Agilent
  • Altel
  • AimcoAltek
  • Ametek-Jofra
  • Amphenol Thermometrics
  • Amprobe
  • Ashcroft
  • Bacharach
  • Beamex
  • B&K Precision
  • BW Technologies
  • Clare Instruments
  • Cordex
  • Crystal Engineering
  • DH-Budenberg/Mensor
  • Druck
  • Dwyer Instruments
  • Eagle Eye Power
  • ECOM Instruments
  • Ectron
  • Emerson
  • Extech
  • FC Wireless
  • FieldFox
  • FLIR Systoms
  • Fluke
  • Fluke Calibration
  • FW Bell
  • GE General Eastern
  • GE Panametrics
  • Global Energy Innovations
  • Greenlee
  • Hioki
  • Honeywell Analytics
  • Huntron
  • Ideal Industries
  • IET Labs
  • Instek
  • Isotech MILLIK
  • ITM Instruments
  • Keysight Technologies
  • Leica
  • MACTek
  • Martel Electronics
  • Megger
  • Meriam
  • Meterman
  • Milwaukee Tools
  • Mitutoyo
  • Monarch Instrument
  • Myron L Company
  • Newport Electronics
  • Norbar Torque Tools
  • Ohaus
  • Olaer
  • Onset
  • Orion Case
  • Penlight
  • PIE
  • Plarad
  • Pomona
  • ProComSol
  • Ralston Instruments
  • Rice Lake-Condec
  • Rigol Technologies
  • RKI Instruments
  • Rosemount
  • Rotronic
  • Shrimpo
  • Siemens Industry
  • Simpson Electronic
  • Stahlwille
  • Starrett
  • Techne
  • Tegam
  • Tektronix
  • Tentec Limited
  • Test Products International
  • Testo
  • Thermo Probe
  • Transcat
  • TRMS
  • TSI Incorporated
  • UEi
  • U.E. Systems
  • Vaisala
  • Yokogawa
  • WIKA Instrument
  • Wilcom

Electrical Instruments Calibrated

  • DC/AC-LF (DC to 100 MHz) Instruments from Multimeters and Power Supplies to SignalGenerators and Oscilloscopes
  • HF/UHF (>100 MHz to 1.3 GHz to 26.5 GHz) Instruments from Power Meters & Oscilloscopes to Time Domain Reflectometers & Spectrum Analyzers
  • Luminance/Illuminance (400nm to 800 nm) Instruments such as Luxmeters and Lightmeters
  • VXI/VMEbus and PCIbus Architecture Instruments such as National Instrument Cards
  • Load Cell, Meter, and Sensor Calibration
  • Sound Level Meter Calibration
  • Gauss and Electric Meter Calibration
  • Wattmeter, RTD, and Power Supply Calibration
  • Stopwatch, Dosimeter, & Data Logger Calibration
  • Ohm Meter, Battery Supply, and CurrentShunt Calibration
  • Signal Generator, Phase Meter, and ChartRecorder Calibration
  • Frequency Counter & 3-Phase Tester Calibration
  • Decade Capacitor, Decade Resistor, and Process Meter Calibration
  • Power Transducer, Voltage Converter, and Ground Resistance Tester Calibration
  • Don't see your instrument on this list? We can still likely calibrate it! Request a QuickQuote or review our Global Scope of Accreditation to confirm our capabilities.

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