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Megger Testing Equipment Calibrations

The testing of insulation systems is a critical requirement, and Megger offers renowned solutions. At Transcat, we’re here to support your essential system tests. We can repair and calibrate Megger testing equipment that’s used in a range of applications – from engineering to electrical. We understand that when Megger testers are operating correctly, safety is supported. Our accredited calibration labs will work diligently to ensure your instruments conform to your performance requirements.

By scheduling routine calibrations, you can have greater confidence in the data generated by your device. Our skilled technicians offer the experience and knowledge needed to calibrate instruments that perform critical resistance, continuity, and power quality testing. Each of our labs adheres to the highest standards of excellence, whether they’re servicing Megger multimeters or ground resistance testers.

Megger Calibration Services

Accredited Calibration Services for Insulation Testers

Transcat's accredited insulation tester calibrations can confirm that your instrument meets quality and accuracy standards. As the industry’s largest Megger distributor, we also have the capabilities to repair and calibrate your megohmmeters, DLROs, clamp meters, voltage detectors, phase meters, time domain reflectometers, and other equipment. Our expertise will help you protect safety, troubleshoot systems, and confirm functionality.

  • Procedural consistency across our extensive lab network.
  • Repeated checks in the event of unexpected results.
  • World-renowned expertise provided on your premises or ours.

With our NIST-traceable calibrations, you’ll be assured that your tester is working reliably and in accordance with compliance standards.

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