Transcat Calibration services

On-Site & In-Lab Pipette
Calibration Services

The calibration of a pipette is very important and actually knowing its exact uncertainty is even more important. Liquid handling devices such as dispensers, burettes, syringes, repeat dispensers and pipettes are part of the maintenance and calibration service that Transcat Canada provides. This ensures that your equipment is back in your working environment as fast as possible.

We understand the peculiarities and regulations inherent to different laboratories. Whether it is a stringently regulated commercial laboratory or an academic research laboratory, we provide clients with services tailored to their needs. Our regular services can be performed in our laboratories or on site. We are accredited to ISO-17025.

pipette calibration services  from Transcat

Pipette brands serviced

  • Biohit/Sartorius
  • Rainin/Mettler
  • Eppendorf
  • Gilson
  • BrandTech
  • Hamilton
  • Thermo
  • Matrix
  • Nichyrio/Oxford

Our inventory of parts allows us to return your instrument as soon as possible. Transcat Canada offers both on-site and laboratory-based pipette calibrations servicing customers across Canada – Request a quote today for calibration services you can trust.