Pipette Calibration Services: In-Lab & On-Site

Easy 3 Step Process

We offer True 24-Hour Turnaround for all pipette calibrations pre-scheduled with us – at no additional cost. 

If requested, we will even provide you a complete shipping kit with customized packing material.


Transcat now offers 24-hour turnaround pipette calibration services via Transcat Pipettes, our newest Transcat company.  Transcat Pipettes is a leading provider of accredited pipette calibration and repair services, as well as replacement pipettes and accessories.  Pipette calibrations are performed in a controlled laboratory environment or on-site with an ambient condition monitor.

Nationwide On-Site Pipette Calibration Services

In addition to our flexible in-lab calibration services, we offer nationwide on-site pipette calibration.  Our highly trained technicians will come to your facility and calibrate your pipettes in your facility.  We offer:

  • A variety of service levels
  • 17025 accredited calibration service available
  • All pipettes receive preventative maintenance as required
  • We service all customers including life sciences, educational, research, forensic labs and more

Our service allows you to maximize your pipettes by minimizing your downtime.  Contact us now to schedule your pipette service.

ISO 8655 Compliant Pipette Calibration Services

ISO 8655 is the international standard for calibrating a Piston Operated Volumetric Apparatus in the field and or any time after the initial OEM calibration performed upon manufacturing. This standard was formed in part to acknowledge the improbability of meeting the original specifications set by the manufacturers which typically can only be met upon the original calibration prior to normal use.

ISO 17025 Accredited Pipette Calibration

Both Transcat Pipettes and our Transcat Phoenix labs are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 standard

Our Pipette Lab Services

Our pricing covers all your essential service requirements and includes:

  • Leak Check
  • As Found & As Left Data
  • Calibration Adjustments
  • O-Rings & Seals

Repair service is available on most types and brands.

Pipette Brands that We Calibrate

We perform calibrations of ALL major brands and types of pipettes. Examples are:

  • Eppendorf 
  • Gilson Scientific 
  • Brinkman 
  • VWR Scientific 
  • Rainin 
  • Hamilton 
  • BrandTech
  • Biohit/Sartorius 
  • Thermo Scientific 

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