NEXA | EAM Now Offers Paperless Validation

Benefits of Paperless Validation

Improve Collaboration

Online Editor: Modify protocols and summary reports in real-time with coworkers, and Transcat's assigned compliance engineer.

Comment/Chat: Leave detailed comments that require resolution prior to routing the document for approval or use the informal chat feature to discuss the document.

Serial and Parallel review/approval paths: Automate the review and approval paths to each designee either sequentially or concurrently to multiple signers.

Final deliverable is a single PDF: Electronic execution of the document allows it to be easily copied and shared.

Faster Cycle Times

 Electronic Routing for Review/Approval

 Instantly route across departments, buildings, and remote locations

 Eliminates delays to ship physical hard-copy records

 Remote worker friendly

 Equipment is qualified and back in service ahead of slower hard-copy processes

Eliminate Waste
  • Save labor on non-value-added tasks like:
    • Printing
    • Hole-punching
    • Hand-written entries
    • Tracking shipments of binders
    • Stamping and scanning every single page
  • Eco-friendly: Eliminates hundreds of pages per qualifications

Feel confident sending auditors paperless validations as a single, easy-to-read PDF

Finish your qualification projects ahead of schedule

Save approximately 5 hours of labor per qualification

Paperless Validation – Digital delivery

NEXA | EAM utilizes VALGENESIS, the industry standard for paperless validation.

  • The system is validated to 21 CFR Part 11
  • It reduces cycle times by automating and digitizing the Review/Approval processes
  • It offers improved Data Integrity (ALCOA):
    • User/Date/Time is recorded for every entry (Attributable)
    • Poor penmanship of hand-written entries are eliminated (Legible)
    • Backdating is no longer possible with auto generated date/time of each entry (Contemporaneously recorded)
    • Digital security features include blue watermark at right margin, post execution cover page, and a full audit trail. (Original/ True copy)
    • Simplified digital review process decreases the time needed to verify accuracy of qualification data (Accurate)
  • Entire qualification package presented in a single PDF.
  • Accessible via SECURE internet connection, via Microsoft Azure

Protocol Generation / Review / Approval

  • Routed electronically via Serial or Parallel paths (Reviewed by multiple users simultaneously)
  • E-mail notifications for review & approvals
  • Review allows real-time editing / comments
  • Comments must be marked as resolved before routing for approval
  • All review edits/notes are recorded in the Audit Trail

Protocol Execution

  • Allows for digital or hard-copy executions
  • All electronic signatures are compliant to national standards
  • Split executions permitted (Execution by multiple engineers if needed)

Post Execution Review

  • Routed electronically via Serial or Parallel paths
  • All attachments are labeled and combined into a single PDF

Qualification Summary Report

  • Detailed QSR are routed for review/approval in Valgenesis
  • View executed protocol and attachments when approving QSR

Record Retention

  • All qualifications are maintained in Valgenesis, and the final PDF is published to for record retention.

Valgenesis System Access

  • Each validation quote includes one free 30-day user license for the review and approval of qualification documents during the active validation project. Licenses for additional users or user extensions are available upon request.

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