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Mitutoyo Caliper and Micrometer Calibrations

We offer accredited calibrations for all types of measuring instruments, including Mitutoyo digital calipers, dial indicators, and micrometers. Our dimensional calibrations cover a broad range of standards, and each one is performed for high accuracy. Regular calibrations are vital to ensuring the reliability of your hand tool’s measurements – but not all calibrations are created equal. By trusting world-class Transcat calibrations, you can keep your Mitutoyo tools measuring consistently and performing to your expectations.

Mitutoyo is a premier manufacturer of measuring instruments and globally recognized for its calipers. Transcat can help you maintain confidence in the accuracy of the brand’s digital, dial, and vernier calipers. The caliper jaws will be inspected during our calibration process, and the overall condition of the instrument evaluated. Our experienced technicians will also verify that your measurement device meets accuracy specifications.

In addition, our labs are ready to calibrate every type of Mitutoyo micrometer. The instrument can be calibrated against traceable standards to the manufacturer’s specifications. With a traceable calibration service, you’ll be better able to meet compliance standards and prevent downtime.

Mitutoyo Calibration Services

Services for Mitutoyo Dimensional Tools

You can rely on our expertise in calibrating industrial dimensional instruments as you work to prevent costly errors. We offer:

  • NIST-traceable calibrations for all your dimensional instruments.
  • Services overseen by dimensional metrology experts.
  • The calibration of tools used in machining, production, and mechanical engineering applications.
  • Flexible onsite and laboratory service options for Mitutoyo measuring devices.

Transcat’s Dimensional Calibration Services are available in many of our accredited calibration labs across North America. We also have two laboratories that offer reference level capabilities for dimensional standards.

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