Transcat Calibration servicesTranscat Calibration services

Hot Stick Testing and Calibration Services

Line crew safety is crucial and can be impacted by the condition of the equipment used. Transcat’s Hot Stick Calibrations are here to support your organization’s efforts to ensure tool safety. We want your line personnel to be alerted to the presence of voltage and avoid dangerous exposure. Calibration can give you confidence that a basic hot stick or a hot stick voltage detector is continuing to meet manufacturer specifications – even after rigorous field duty. If applicable, our accredited services can help you comply with the testing phase of OSHA’s regulation that requires hot stick examination, cleaning, repair, and testing every two years.

Reliable Services for Hot Stick Testers

Voltage detectors can be mounted on suitable hot sticks when crews need to detect energized lines without contact. Our reliable calibrations will make the critical determination if your equipment is working properly. We offer accredited lab services as well as on-premise testing options for electrical detection tools. Additionally, if your regular equipment inspections uncover defects, we can calibrate after the repair.

Hot Stick Testing and Calibration Services

Can Transcat Help with OSHA Requirements?

We provide services for a variety of hot sticks constructed in differing lengths and designs. Our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited labs offer:

  • Testing tailored to your hot stick and its applications, performed by highly trained technicians.
  • Calibrations of hot sticks with built-in voltage detectors.
  • Services for most every make and model of hot stick, including those from Hastings, Amprobe, AEMC, Salisbury and more.
  • High-pot tests to verify a hot stick meets OSHA guidelines, applying 75,000 volts for one minute along each foot of the wet stick.
  • Following calibration, you will know if your hot stick complies with your requirements, whether that involves manufacturer specifications, internal standards, and/or government regulations.

Transcat Labs Providing Electrical Calibrations

  • Each of our accredited calibration labs in the U.S. and Canada offers electrical calibration services.
  • We calibrate a full range of testing equipment – from high-voltage detector hot sticks to oscilloscopes to multimeters.
  • Our world-class electrical calibrations are ISO 9001-compliant, with true SI Unit traceability available.

Trust Our Reliability and Accuracy

Learn more about the quality of our calibration services or request a quote today.  Contact us online or at 800-828-1470. We can provide your company with a quick quote on valid testing that is integral to your safety requirements.