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Digital Thermometer Calibration Services

Temperature is critical to many processes across a variety of industries. Refineries, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities alike rely on the accuracy of their digital thermometers every single day. It's easy to take them for granted and assume that your thermometer measures temperature accurately, but that's not always the case. Like any other measuring device, traceable calibration is periodically necessary to ensure that your temperature readings are correct, and Transcat's thermometer calibration services give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your critical temperatures are on-point. Transcat's team of quality and metrology experts are the industry leaders in thermometer calibration. In fact, our competitors regularly have their temperature reference equipment calibrated in our labs!

Transcat Thermometer Calibration Services:

Our extensive thermometer calibration capabilities include food thermometers & digital thermometer calibration, infrared thermometer & blackbody calibration, PRT calibration, and liquid-in-glass thermometer calibration services of any type and range. No matter your device, Transcat's calibration services are:

Can't I Calibrate My Own Thermometers?

You can if you have the appropriate standards for your thermometer, which must be several times more accurate than your thermometer itself. If your thermometer's readings measure up to the standards within the correct ratio, you can confidently verify your thermometer's accuracy. Manufacturing guidelines, laboratory protocols, and industrial processes have strict temperature requirements for a reason, so a "good enough" approach often runs afoul of standards, laws, and quality control. If you prefer to leave calibration to the experts, Transcat thermometer calibration services offer expert attention and the advantage of state-of-the art calibration equipment, no matter the scale.

Avoid Production Delays and Improve Safety by Calibrating Your Industrial Thermometers

Digital Thermometer Calibration Lab Services

In manufacturing, inaccurate thermometers can cause product defects that lead to costly recalls, lost productivity, or worse. A single error in measurement can cost your company a full quarter's profits, damage your brand, and leave you open to liability claims that make lost profits insignificant by comparison. Transcat helps you avoid potentially catastrophic outcomes by calibrating your existing thermometers to the highest standards, and calibrating new thermometers before use to ensure full compliance from the very beginning.

Digital Thermometer Calibration Lab Services

Transcat Calibration Labs Offer:

  • Minor adjustments, cleaning, and disposable battery replacement included in the calibration price
  • Responsive service with a five-business-day turnaround
  • Pickup and delivery within 100 miles of our labs
  • One of the nation's largest scopes of reference-level calibration capabilities
  • Calibration to OEM or custom specifications as requested

Ensure the Accuracy of Your Thermometers Today

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