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Metrology Consulting

Did you know?

Out-of-tolerance (OOT) follow-up work often dwarfs the cost of the calibration that led to it. And the risk of having in-tolerance results when they are actually out-of-tolerance (false accept calibration) dwarfs both of those!

We help companies increase in-tolerance success, decrease compliance-related follow-up work and decrease out-of-tolerance related costs. We also help companies accurately measure and manage the measurement component of their manufacturing risk.

  • Evaluate and define process tolerances
  • Use better instruments
  • Remove doubt from your measurement quality assurance program
  • Predict Out-Of-Tolerance (OOT) results
  • Define better calibration intervals
  • Train staff on understanding the measurements taken and the appropriate response
Transcat's Metrology Consulting SevicesTranscat's Metrology Consulting Sevices

We help you Measure Smarter.

Decrease measurement risk in your industrial processes. Reduce follow-up work that needs to be completed due to OOT events. Increase your control of the risk in your manufacturing operations and increase profits.

Customer Testimonials

Transcat's consulting team has helped with many aspects of Terumo Cardiovascular Systems' calibration / measurement assurance programs. The team has helped us define and document a process that ensures we obtain reliable equipment suitable for its intended measurement purpose. In addition, when equipment is found out of tolerance, it is critical that a thorough and detailed investigation be performed to determine if potential risk exist to product. Transcat's Metrology Consulting team has assisted in developing a high-standard process of detailed investigation to determine if the out-of-tolerance event carries potential risk to the finished product. - Bob Sutton, Calibration Administrator, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation