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Dry Block Calibration Services

Total client satisfaction is our goal when performing dry block calibration services or other Transcat accredited calibration services. We understand you selected your dry well calibrator for its accuracy and stability with the goal of using this instrument to achieve critical temperature calibration of industrial sensors. So, how can you ensure your calibrator performs with precision from day one and for years to come? Rely on accredited calibration services from Transcat. We want you to have 100% confidence as you calibrate thermocouples, RTDs, thermometers, and thermistors. Dry block calibrators offer portable, traceable, and cost-effective calibration solutions. However, even a well-designed instrument with superior capabilities can have its performance affected by initial and future calibrations. That's where Transcat comes in. Within our globally respected calibration labs, we prepare dry block equipment for demanding duty and optimal accuracy. Our labs utilize highly accurate temperature standards and offer continuous document traceability. You can achieve proper calibrations in the field or factory when you rely upon Transcat's expertise. Our highly skilled technicians and elite-level equipment calibrate dry block calibrators with the ultimate accuracy and consistency.

Dry Block CalibrationDry Block Calibration

Transcat Offers Excellence in Temperature Calibrations

  • Ultra reliable: Benefit from accredited labs, industry-leading expertise, and rigorous quality control.
  • Convenient: Ship to our facilities across North America.
  • Efficient: Manage your calibration programs online.
  • Flexible: Select from high-level laboratory or customized onsite services.
  • Customizable: Utilize multiple levels of service. We'll run a calibration lab in your facility!
  • Fast: Enjoy timely turnarounds or expedited calibration ‚ without compromises.

Can Calibrating Dry Block Units Diminish Downtime?

Our convenient calibration services are designed to support productivity in your facilities. During dry block temperature calibration in a Transcat laboratory, we insert an NIST-traceable reference thermometer into the calibrator's heated well to obtain a precise temperature reading. Using this measurement, the dry well display is then calibrated in accordance with the traceable standard. Dry block calibrating is an integral part of our comprehensive category of temperature-instrument services. In addition to dry block, our temperature calibration capabilities include industrial oven, bath, and furnace calibration services. Our processes help to prevent disruptions caused by out-of-tolerance readings. Every day, Transcat surpasses client expectations, while meeting and exceeding the following industry guidelines:

  • ISO 17025 accredited temperature calibration
  • Quality systems based on ISO 9001:2000 compliance
  • Accreditation as a Reference Laboratory in the Temperature discipline
  • Standards that are traceable to NIST, national or international sources, or physical constants

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Transcat is also a premier provider of dry block calibrators from leading manufacturers, such as Fluke and Ametek/Jofra. And the best part is we can calibrate your new Jofra or Fluke calibrator before it ever leaves our facility! Select the best dry block calibrator for your application. Then, let Transcat calibrate it immediately. You'll receive a product that's ready to evaluate your temperature-measuring instruments reliably. You may also need a repair for a tried-and-true calibrator. We do that, too. Once repairs are complete, we'll recalibrate the product so it's up to today's stringent standards. Do you need a quote on calibrating your dry well temperature equipment? Contact Transcat. We'll put world-class calibration at your service, with an unparalleled customer commitment.

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