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Solutions for your Thermography Program Webinar

Join Transcat and Travis Porter from Fluke Calibration to learn how to improve the accuracy of your infrared thermometer calibrations.

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Wednesday, October 23:  2:00 - 3:00 PM EDT

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Improving Safety in the Industrial Workplace with Infrared Technology

In this webinar, Elliot Shem-Tov, Level I certified thermographer & Northeast Sales Manager at FLIR, details the process for Improving Safety in the Industrial Workplace with Infrared...

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In this Webinar, Howard Zion, Transcat’s Director of Service Application Engineering, examines the sources and implications of manufacturing process measurement risk...

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Join us as Joel Hartel of Fluke Corporation details the critical instrument, measurement and technique considerations when performing Gas Custory Transfer Calibrations with differential...

In-Tolerance Non-Conformance Investigations

Howard Zion, Transcat's Director of Service Application of Engineering, defines how improper test uncertainty ratio directly impacts false acceptance/rejection of product...

In the Field or in the Shop: Overcoming the Challenges in Pressure Calibration

Tim Francis, Fluke Calibration’s Product Marketing Manager for Pressure and Flow, reviews principles, practical tips and key considerations that help guide that decision...

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Join us as Phil Mistretta, Transcat's Manager of Metrology, discusses the process of evaluating out of tolerance (OOT) instruments. This webinar will help you understand how instrument...

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Join us as Howard Zion, Transcat's Director of Service Application Engineering, discusses the process of selecting instruments that are suitable for the measurements on your products...

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