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NIST Traceable Calibration Services

Understanding a NIST Traceable Calibration

During a calibration, the performance and accuracy of a measuring instrument or device is tested against a higher accuracy lab standard. The standard is an instrument with a relationship to a standard reference material (SRM) provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. To prove this relationship, the standard has a certificate of compliance with measurement traceability to an SI unit through NIST, another national measurement institute (NMI), or natural physical constant.

The traceability of a calibration lab’s standard, essentially its relationship to the SRM, is established through an unbroken trail of documentation that must include measurement uncertainties. Following testing that’s performed against the standard, the calibration lab will issue an accredited calibration certificate to document the test results. This certificate verifies that the tested instrument is within – or has been adjusted to – its stated tolerance. The calibration certificate provided by a lab or a manufacturer has an expiration date, which is the date another calibration will be needed. For more information about our accreditation and traceability, visit our Accreditation Resource Page.

What Does NIST Do?

Established in 1901, the National Institute of Standards and Technology is a federal agency within the Department of Commerce. NIST is comprised of six laboratories working in the interest of measurement science, rigorous traceability and standards development.

NIST develops and maintains the national standards of measurement and documents the traceability of its reference standards. Its SRMs perform instrument calibrations, verify measurement accuracy and ensure U.S. measurement traceability.

NIST Traceable Calibration ServicesNIST Traceable Calibration Services

A NIST-Traceable Calibration at Transcat

Transcat offers customers the largest scope of accreditation in the industry. All of our accredited calibration options come with a statement of traceability on the calibration certificates, and we adhere strictly to our responsibility of documenting each calibration performed using traceable standards. Contact us now for a Quick Quote or call us at 800-828-1470