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Hydraulic, Pneumatic, & Strain Gauge Load Cell Calibration Services

A precisely calibrated load cell can be a high-accuracy device for industrial weighing and force measurement applications, including processes in manufacturing, aerospace, marine and automotive industries. Transcat helps to ensure that you have access to correct load measurements through our accredited, SI-traceable load cell calibrations. We understand the connection between accurate weight measurement and production quality and safety. Our Load Cell Calibration Services have been designed by distinguished metrology experts to assist customers in avoiding unnecessary risks and meeting quality management system requirements. Transcat's mass and weight capabilities cover all types of load sensor calibration, strain gauge calibration, as well as the weighing instruments that integrate precision load cell technology. We can confirm the accuracy of the miniature compression cell or up to 25,000-pound capacity load cells.

Transcat Load Cell Calibrations

A routine program of testing through a trusted load cell calibration lab can confirm that each component is performing to specifications, without inaccuracies due to age, drift, improper handling, and other factors. When industries have accurate load measurement information, the risks to the quality of their processes and products are reduced. Load cells are commonly recalibrated annually, but may require more frequent calibrations when used in critical applications and harsh environments. At Transcat, we can perform your initial load cell calibrations, as well as routinely recalibrate the industrial load cells that came from the manufacturer with five-point calibrations. An accredited calibration program from Transcat offers an assurance of instrument reliability backed by:

  • Industry-leading ISO/IEC 17025 accredited capabilities
  • ISO 9001-compliant, SI-traceable calibrations through NIST that test load cell repeatability and linearity
  • Services for the full range of load cells, including those built by Rice Lake, Ametekand Newport Electronics
  • Calibrations of load cells with various dimensions, accuracies and rated loads
  • Rapid onsite, in-process or lab calibrations to the manufacturer's or customized specifications

Physical Discipline Calibrations

In addition to load cells, we calibrate the full scope of instruments in the Physical Discipline, such as mass, weighing, force and hardness tools. Calibrations in every discipline and lab follow our CalTrak System of quality management, which provides for the consistent use of datasheets and calibration processes. CalTrak drives the documentation, tracking and control of our rigorous processes. Plus, through CalTrak Online, you will have access to valuable instrument calibration information during and following the service. Transcat's world-renowned expertise and consistency in quality management is available both through our onsite and laboratory services.

Load Cell Calibration Lab Services

Proven Electrical Testing Proficiency

The load sensor outputs an electrical signal and falls within Transcat's accredited Electrical Calibration Services, which are available in all of its North American labs. We calibrate a huge array of electrical instruments from virtually every major manufacturer. In addition to load cells, our capabilities include:

The Calibration of Load Cells

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