Transcat Calibration servicesTranscat Calibration services

Accredited Ruler Calibration and Linear Measurement Services

Well-calibrated Rulers are essential to the traceability and accuracy of many manufacturing processes and product inspections. Transcat has the ability to calibrate virtually any dimensional tool through its vast network of accredited laboratories. If you need accuracy verification for rulers used in commercial environments, Transcat offers trusted linear measurement solutions. We calibrate new and in-service rulers to ensure their suitability for inspections, design and processing. Our experts also service the straight edges used by draftspersons. Partner with our ruler calibration services to establish an accredited, traceable quality system that has everyone in the workplace measuring to the same scale. Rely on us to calibrate rulers manufactured to deliver high measurement accuracy in science, engineering, inspection and other fields.

How Does Transcat Set the Industry Standard for Ruler Calibration?

We stand at the forefront of the calibration industry with wide-ranging, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited capabilities for length-measuring tools. Our internal quality requirements surpass this international standard.Transcat labs calibrate rulers in all lengths, graduations and construction types.It is recommended that rulers have annual inspections for damage or wear, and routine verification of optimal accuracy and consistency in measurement.

  • Transcat is your source for ultra-precise ruler, straight edge, or tape measure calibration.
  • Our service capabilities include all makes and models of industrial precision rulers and straight edges, such as those from Mitutoyo, Stahlwille, OLFA and Starrett. We calibrate flat or triangular rulers, and specialty rulers of various shapes.
  • A knowledgeable team of experts will meticulously determine your instrument's measurement results and provide a calibration certification traceable to SI units through NIST.
  • Transcat's metrology expertise reflects an unwavering dedication to accuracy, reliability and uncertainty control in the calibration of length-measuring and other dimensional instruments.

Accuracy in Length Measurement

Transcat's dimensional calibration services ensure that all handheld measuring instruments provide reliable, precise results.

  • Most every calibration we offer includes options for in-lab or onsite services, with consistency across our network of North American labs and among our highly trained technicians.
  • We offer reference level capabilities for dimensional standards in our Dayton, Ohio and Rochester, New York locations
  • Our dimensional calibration services also include Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T), such as in custom overlays and gaging.

Ruler Calibration Lab Services

Calibrating Cold Storage for Any Facility

Transcat labs have your precision measuring tool calibrations fully covered. In addition to linear measurement tools, our skilled technicians service dial, digital and vernier calipers. We calibrate every conceivable type of gauge, including bore, ring and plug. You can send our dimensional calibration labsall types of micrometers. Our experts service instruments from an expansive scope of manufacturers. Transcat's Toronto Calibration Lab and Ft. Wayne, IN Calibration Lab also offer custom analysis for first article, annual inspection, and capability study part inspection requirements.

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