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Pressure Indicator Calibration Services from Transcat

Our world-class pressure expertise allows us to calibrate the indicators that perform pressure monitoring or serve as calibration laboratory standards in your manufacturing, quality and R&D departments. Transcat's highly skilled technicians provide accredited calibrations for pressure indicators. They can confirm the performance of instruments used to obtain precise measurement during manufacturing processes, routine maintenance, troubleshooting and industrial applications.

A high quality Transcat calibration can verify the accuracy of virtually any field model. We stand at the forefront of providing Pressure Indicator Calibration Services to ensure that your instruments deliver reliable pressure readings and operate to specifications during the testing and calibration of gauges and other instruments. Transcat's extensive expertise covers the complete spectrum of pressure indicators, switches, and gauges, helping to maintain optimal safety, accuracy and productivity in your operations.

Pressure Indicator Calibration Expertise

With an unparalleled commitment to quality, Transcat provides calibrations of pressure indicators, used in test bench, bench top and panel applications. We calibrate a full scope of indicator models, which fall within various gage and absolute PSI ranges. Our capabilities also extend to the handheld instruments that test or measure multiple process parameters. We offer affordable, flexible service options within our accredited labs or at your facility. Our experts in metrology and pressure science have designed stringent processes to calibrate pressure indicators in our North American labs. You will find that Transcat's proven capabilities:

  • Cover most every indicator manufacturer, such as Rice Lake, Mensor, Ashcroft, GE Druck and an array of other brands.
  • Provide the peace-of-mind that comes with industry-leading, ISO/IEC 17025-accredited services.
  • Offer ISO 9001-compliant calibrations, with true SI unit traceability through NIST.
  • Calibrate instruments within a vast scope of pressure ranges, according to OEM or custom specifications.

Globally Recognized Pressure Calibration Capabilities

Within our accredited pressure calibration laboratories, we calibrate the pressure indicators and handheld calibrators that support critical process and industrial applications. Our all-encompassing pressure calibration services test instruments, such as:

  • Gage and differential pressure transmitters and switches
  • Pressure modules
  • Digital pressure gauges
  • Deadweight testers
  • Manometers

The entire range of our absolute, gage, and low pressure vacuum capabilities are accredited. Our Houston metrology lab offers high-pressure reference level laboratory standards up to 72,500 PSI and high-accuracy, low-pressure capabilities to -60 in H20. Our absolute, gage and low pressure vacuum capabilities are ISO/IEC 17025-2005 accredited.

Rapid, Responsive Service

  • Transcat offers a choice of accredited pressure calibration levels to match your company requirements and industry standards.
  • Consistent, centrally controlled datasheets and standard practices are performed in each of our labs ‚ and by every highly trained technician.
  • Services are responsive and rapid, with five-business-day turnarounds on most calibrations.
  • Our numerous facilities offer optimal accessibility, whether a company operates from one or a number of locations, or is internationally based.

The Calibration of Pressure Indicators

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