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Freezer / Refrigerator Calibration and Temperature Mapping

At Transcat, we perform Freezer Calibration Services with industry-leading accuracy to ensure products, processes, and research procedures are maintained to exacting requirements. Transcat can bring our world-class temperature calibration expertise to your company facilities. We provide freezer calibrations and custom cold-storage temperature mapping protocols for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing and industrial applications. Our highly skilled technicians calibrate all types of research and industrial freezers or refrigerators in most every configuration. We can assist you in quality compliance and in meeting governmental regulations that demand accuracy of all freezers that affect product or sample quality. Transcat's accredited refrigerator-freezer calibration procedures are designed by metrology experts to the highest standards of accuracy.

Industrial and Scientific Freezer Calibration

Commercial freezers are sized and designed for usage, in configurations ranging from under-counter to freestanding. Transcat calibrates the standard and high performance freezers that vary by temperature range, stability and other factors. We service most every type of freezer model, including those built with advanced functionality and strict temperature control for industrial, clinical and scientific applications.

On Site & In Lab Freezer Calibration Services

With a freezer calibration, you can confirm that critical equipment -- even units used in highly sensitive areas -- can operate within its tolerances and limits. Transcat delivers ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory capabilities for benchtop, ultra-low temperature, chest, walk-in and other freezer models of varying capacities and temperature specifications. We offer specialized cold storage services for Life Sciences and other industries that require greater control over a constant temperature. Calibrations can cover the various aspects of commercial freezer operations, including temperature distribution and instrumentation. We will help you meet stringent regulatory guidelines regarding freezers, and support CGMPs in the manufacturing environment. Transcat conducts:

  • Freezer temperature verification using high-accuracy Precision Reference Thermometers (PRTs).
  • ISO 17025 accredited freezer calibration services that accommodate a wide range of units with precision temperature measurement ranges and specific operational requirements.
  • Calibrations in accordance with meticulously documented, internally monitored and externally audited quality management systems.
  • In-process freezer testing to ensure that equipment functions within your requirements during daily operations.

The Critical Nature of Freezer Calibrations

When tolerance is critical to the health of your customers and the success of your processes, Transcat's high level capabilities can be valuable in preventing the serious repercussions that out-of-tolerance temperature equipment often creates. Through routine recalibration, you can be assured that a freezer is operating precisely, while you also maintain the calibration schedule and quality management requirements that your industry demands. We calibrate freezers according to manufacturer specifications or along a range of points to meet your quality control requirements. Our online CalTrak system makes it easy to track your calibrations and related compliance documentation. Though we offer world-class expertise and sophisticated scientific resources, you'll find that our top-tier services, including our onsite calibrations, are competitively priced.

Expertise in Constant Temperature Calibration

We work to ensure the accurate and reliable operations of an extensive range of temperature-related devices, using the most advanced equipment available. Transcat capabilities cover:

  • Calibrations on standard, specialized and high performance equipment that maintains hot or cold temperatures, from ovens to freezers.
  • Device calibrations for the pharmaceutical industry, including centrifuges, autoclaves and cryogenic freezers.
  • Accredited temperature calibrations with true SI Unit traceability through natural physical constants for your quality control systems.
  • The precise servicing of the thermometers and chart recorders that you use to check freezer temperatures regularly.

Calibrating Cold Storage for Any Facility

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