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Barometer Calibration Services from Transcat

Periodic barometer calibrations help support precise pressure readings and ensure critical measurements are captured in the laboratory, plant, or other facility. Transcat has a proven reputation for reliability in performing NIST-traceable calibration services, which are often required to meet regulatory compliance. In fact, the pressure calibration services in our ISO 17025 accredited labs offer world-class expertise, and our trained calibration staff regularly prepare pressure instrumentation for research and industry applications. In addition to calibrating a full range of precision barometers, our comprehensive capabilities cover all types of manometers, deadweight testers, vacuum gauges, and other critical pressure measurement tools.

Which Barometers Does Transcat Calibrate?

Transcat offers accredited pressure calibration services for all varieties of barometers, including devices engineered by the most innovative manufacturers, such as Oakton, WIKA, Druck and Vaisala. Our comprehensive onsite and laboratory capabilities help to ensure the accuracy of:

  • Digital barometric pressure monitors used in production and testing
  • Portable or handheld barometers/altimeters
  • Progressive products designed for meteorology, aviation, laboratories, and manufacturing
  • Barometers with high-level sensors that support accuracy and stability
  • Instruments that deliver altitude-corrected pressure
  • Devices with various pressure measurement ranges, media compatibility, operating modes, and accuracy ratings

Our Pressure Recalibration Expertise

When you buy a new barometer, you can request an accredited calibration from Transcat so it will arrive fully calibrated and with a calibration certificate. It's important to remember that this go-to instrument will require recalibration at specific intervals to continue providing stable readings and redundancy. If you choose Transcat as your pressure calibration specialist, we will

  • Identify, apply, and document corrections made during our processes
  • Verify that your barometer is reporting accurate pressures dependably
  • Perform your calibration in an accredited, controlled lab
  • Calibrate your device to manufacturer or customized specifications using our ultra-precise pressure equipment

Barometer Calibration Lab Services

Partial List of Instruments Calibrated

Servicing Advanced Digital Barometers and Manometers Quickly

Transcat provides timely calibration services for a broad range of manometers and barometers. You can rely on us to provide precise, reliable, and fast calibrations for barometers in our ISO 17025-accredited lab or at your facility. We offer a choice of service options:

All of Transcat's calibration facilities across North America provide pressure calibrations! Our elite capabilities also feature reference-level laboratory standards, including high-pressure calibration services up to 72,500 PSI and low pressure to -60 in H20. Both our onsite and lab services are traceable to the International System of Units (SI), and our customers benefit from round-the-clock certificate access through our C3 Asset Management Software.

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