Temperature Calibration Services from TranscatTemperature Calibration Services from Transcat

Blackbody Calibrations

You can avoid temperature measurement inaccuracies when you use properly calibrated blackbodies. As part of our commitment to meeting all your test and measurement needs, we offer ISO-17025 accredited Blackbody Calibration Services for Fluke 418X series calibrators. With a high level of accuracy, we’ll help you maintain your blackbody calibration source so you can be confident in its performance. You may use a blackbody that can calibrate infrared pyrometers, thermal imaging systems, or heat flux measurement systems. Transcat supports your requirements with our industry-leading expertise in accurately calibrating blackbodies, infrared radiation instruments and thermal imaging systems with varying temperature ranges. We’ll verify that your infrared calibration source adheres to the manufacturer’s factory specifications and your performance requirements.

Blackbody Calibration ServicesBlackbody Calibration Services

Reliable Services for Blackbody Calibration Sources

Your infrared calibration source must deliver controlled and predictable results to ensure effective operations. We perform reliable calibrations of industrial equipment in our Rochester, NY lab to ensure that you have a stable source to provide accurate readings of your infrared devices and thermal imaging cameras. We offer services for the IR temperature calibrators used in manufacturing, HVAC, energy and other industries. With properly calibrated equipment, you can guard against sensor drift, protect your investment and prevent costly downtime.

What Blackbody Models Does Transcat Calibrate?

We provide services for Fluke 4180 and Fluke 4181 blackbodies designed for a range of temperature applications. Our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab offers:

  • An NIST-traceable calibration in the temperature range needed, or at various points within the device’s capabilities.
  • Verification that blackbody sources and their temperature controllers are operating to manufacturer specifications.
  • Services for blackbodies built in various shapes and with a range of aperture sizes.
  • Calibration of extended area or cavity models, as well as high accuracy and high emissivity sources.

Transcat Labs Offer Industry-Leading Temperature Calibrations

  • Each of our 17025-accredited calibration laboratories in the U.S. and Canada offers temperature calibration services.
  • Transcat's calibrations are ISO 9001-compliant, with true SI Unit traceability through NIST, equivalent sources, or physical constants.

Look to Our High-Level Accuracy

For more information on the repair or calibration of blackbodies, please use our Live Chat system located on the right side of the page, Request a Quote form, contact us, or call Transcat directly at 800-828-1470.