Why Rent From Transcat?

  • Knowledge: We sell, calibrate and use the instruments
    we rent, so we can help you find the right thing for your application.
  • Rapid growth: We are adding new units every week.
  • Flexibility: Ask us about your unusual rental need - chances are we can fulfill it.
  • Calibration: Most instruments come with accredited calibrations, including all data and uncertainties.
  • Repair: You can rent an instrument while your unit is being repaired, serviced or calibrated - either by Transcat or by the OEM.
  • Demo program: Try a unit out for a week if you are not sure about how it fits into your process.
  • Long-term rental discounts - and rent-to-buy arrangements - are available

Why Rent Test & Measurement Equipment?

In short, renting is about cost and convenience:

  • Reduce costs: If you only need a unit a few times a year, it may be just cheaper to rent it than to buy.
  • Reduce maintenance:Rental units come already calibrated. No need for you to worry about downtime or maintenance expenses./li>
  • Speed: Since rental expenses are typically low, they are much more easily approved than typically larger capital requests and the units can get to you more quickly.
  • No capital requests required: Renting is an expense. Most teams have more flexibility with their expense budget than with their capital investment.
  • Inventory control: Rent only what you need, for the time you need it, and avoid carrying excessive inventory.
  • Controlled expense flow: Rental expenses are charged monthly, so you can conserve cash.
  • Demo: Not sure if a popular unit is the right fit? Rent it for a week and see how it fits into your process.
  • Flexible payment arrangements: Renting-to-buy? Renting with an option to buy later? Ask us with your special requests and we'll see what we can work out to fit your needs.

When in doubt - call Transcat or click here to request a Rental Quick Quote or ask us a question.