A digital recorder collects and stores data electronically, with no need for paper.  Data can be viewed on screen in graphical formats or transferred to files. Our digital recorders are available with various internal memory configurations to generate and record in one unit. They can be used for on-site recording or R&D. A recorder’s inputs can include thermocouple, pressure, current, and more. We offer intuitive models with ease of operations and various performance rates. You can select from compact and standard profiles. Transcat supplies paperless recorders in durable designs that display data on-screen in real time. Measurements stored on media can be analyzed or easily viewed on a PC. Our robust recording devices are built by process equipment leaders like Hioki and TTI.

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  1. B&K Precision DAS240-BAT Portable Multi-Channel Recorder
    BK Precision DAS240-BAT Portable Multi-Channel Recorder 20 uni. analog input channels
    Order #: DAS240-BAT
    Mfg #: DAS240-BAT
    Availability: Call for availability
    Portable Multi-Channel Recorder 20 uni. analog input channels Learn More
  2. Newport Electronics CTXL-DPR-W-I
    Omega Engineering CTXL Input Recorder,Current Input Dual-process,White
    Order #: CTXL-DPR-W-I
    Mfg #: CTXL-DPR-W-I
    Availability: Call for availability
    Input Recorder,Current Input Dual-process,White Learn More
  3. Hioki Z1005
    Hioki Z1005 AC Adapter 8870-20,LR8431-20
    Order #: Z1005
    Mfg #: Z1005
    Availability: Ships in 3-4 weeks
    AC Adapter 8870-20,LR8431-20 Learn More
3 Items
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