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Timer, Counter & Timing Calibration Services

Whether you are using a timer for machine or process control applications, regular calibration can be essential to ensuring instrument reliability. Transcat offers unequaled expertise in accredited Timer Calibration Services that cover standard to high performance models. Our leadership in the calibration of frequency and time measurement equipment means you can be confident in the devices that you install in control panels or use to safeguard product quality.

Transcat serves the industrial, biotech, medical, and other sectors that utilize timing instruments to meet compliance and quality requirements for traceability and accreditation. During expert timer calibrations, we can verify the measurement accuracy of all makes and models of commercial timers and stopwatches, helping to prevent errors that affect production, health and safety.

Industrial Timing Calibration Capabilities

We calibrate the industrial timers that count up or down from a preset time period, including the digital timers that vary by timing intervals, features, accuracy and resolution. Timer models are available in battery-operated, compact designs that deliver a signal after elapsed time. Larger, electrical timers offer control functionality for industry. The process control timer refers to the device that measures or controls crucial process time periods, such as during production or heat treatments.

How Does Transcat Calibration Support Timer Reliability?

Our 19 fully accredited calibration laboratories calibrate a wide range of timing instruments, and every Transcat service is performed according to stringent standards. We provide NIST international standard traceability for timer calibrations using high accuracy equipment. Our capabilities can determine the reliability of a full range of timers, from the programmable handheld model to the digital timer/tachometer/counter device.

  • Transcat delivers ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory capabilities and has earned the widest scope of accreditation across our serviced industries.
  • We calibrate all types of digital timers and industrial stopwatches from leading manufacturers such as Control Company, Dwyer, and Red Lion.
  • Our staff takes measurements against a highly accurate time standard. The calibration processes have been developed by our metrology experts and allow for stringent control over measurement accuracy and uncertainty.

Managing the Timer Calibration Schedule

Timers used in labs or industrial environments are often exposed to harsh operating conditions. Devices may also have shorter six-month, rather than annual, calibration intervals. We can assist you in managing the demands of routine timer calibrations through affordable, customer-focused services. Our capabilities ensure that measuring instruments produce accurate results that correspond to your application or quality system. Transcat accredited calibration services are available to companies of all sizes in the lab or on your site. Whether you choose onsite or in-lab services, you can be assured of rapid turnarounds. With our comprehensive capabilities, Transcat can also serve as your single provider, managing calibrations for devices that measure time, frequency and an array of electrical parameters.

Extensive Electrical Capabilities

  • Every Transcat lab throughout North America performs electrical calibrations. Each facility adheres to the same quality system and processes, ensuring consistency across our laboratory network.
  • Transcat's expertise in Electrical Calibrations allows us to calibrate a diverse inventory of instruments from thousands of manufacturers.
  • Our premier electrical calibration services also cover multimeters and sensors, power supplies, transmitters and load cells.
  • Our online CalTrak system makes it easy to review information on your timing or electrical devices. Know the status of your instrument and enjoy fast certificate access!

Get Your Accredited Timer Calibrations

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