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Frequency Generator Calibration Services

Your frequency generator tools is a valuable tool for testing, maintaining, and designing electronic equipment and systems, which is why Transcat is committed to providing the best possible waveform and frequency generator calibration services. We calibrate devices that can create sine, square (pulse), triangle (ramp), noise, and arbitrary waveform output. Analog or digital generators which have been calibrated to exacting specifications in a Transcat calibration lab will be reliable tools for testing oscilloscopes, maintaining frequency meters, or checking circuits.

We Calibrate these Frequency Generation Systems:

  • Devices for both frequency metering and signal generation
  • Models that generate high-accuracy signals and offer single or multiple channels
  • Portable frequency generators for factory, laboratory, or industrial applications
  • Waveform equipment designed for engineers and process technicians
  • RF signal, function, sweep function, arbitrary function, and universal waveform generators, from brands including Fluke and Keysight/Agilent
  • Devices with advanced direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology

Frequency Generator Calibration Services

Waveform System Calibrations from Transcat Improve Accuracy

Electronic device accuracy may suffer used over time and within challenging environments, which is when proven Transcat calibration services become a valued resource. Accredited Transcat calibration labs in the U.S. and Canada follow diligent processes as they verify values and adjust instrumentation so that it operates according to specifications. Calibration intervals for the generator will vary by model, but if a higher level of accuracy is expected from the device, a shorter period of time may be needed between service intervals. Our electrical testing equipment calibrations offer:

  • Traceability to SI units through NIST
  • Calibrations that are ISO 9001-compliant
  • Accredited lab capabilities that surpass stringent requirements for quality
  • Services for preferred models and manufacturers, including B&K Precision, Keysight/Agilent, Rigol, and Instek

Calibration Expertise for Precise Signal Generation

We calibrate function generator systems designed to create standard waveforms, as well as arbitrary waveform generators that transmit periodic waveforms set by device users. Transcat also calibrates frequency generators that offer expanded functionality, such as variable symmetry and AM/FM capabilities. Our ISO 17025-accredited calibration labs are backed by an elite level of metrology expertise. We offer in-lab or onsite electrical calibration services for companies of all sizes. Whether you have one frequency generator or an inventory of electrical testing equipment, we will provide exceptional customer service and rapid turnarounds on your calibrations.

Free Quotes for Frequency Generator Calibration Services

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