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Power Meter Calibration Services

Transcat specializes in electrical calibration services for power meter test tools performed with a focus on service excellence and accuracy. We want you to have the information you need for professional power management. Our skilled calibration capabilities and in-depth expertise can benefit companies, engineers, and technicians who use benchtop power meters, portable clamp-on testers, and power analyzers built by a variety of manufacturers.

Calibrate Power Meters for Exact Energy Measurement

With the utmost precision, Transcat calibrates power meters designed for high-current measurement and valuable performance functionality. Our accredited labs are fully qualified to:

  • Check and calibrate equipment in accordance with a manufacturer's power accuracy limits
  • Review reported output to see if meter readings are over or under
  • Prepare equipment for applications in the testing or development of motors, inverters, power supplies. and other devices, along with testing no-load transformers
  • Evaluate the operations of power measuring test tools from a variety of manufacturers
  • Service basic meters and those with advanced engineering

What Does Our Electrical Calibration Service Expertise Offer?

In industrial settings, the power meter often determines the energy performance of appliances or equipment. During this and other types of specialized service, correct meter measurements are integral to reliable results. Transcat expertise delivers:

Power Meter Calibrated to Exacting Specifications

You own a performance power meter that's built with specific max voltage and direct input current ratings, and now it's time for calibration. What if the lab capabilities could come to you? They can. Transcat performs power meter calibrations with that same superior commitment to quality that's found in our all of our test tool calibration services. We understand that keeping up with regular power equipment calibrations can prove challenging, especially when the devices are designed for high level functionality. Our team members and technicians are here to help. Contact us today to discover how we offer outstanding convenience, efficiency, and flexibility as we evaluate a power meter.

Free Quotes for Power Testing Equipment Calibration Services

For more information on the calibration of power meters, please use our Live Chat system, which is located on the right side of the page, our Request a Quote form, contact us, or call Transcat directly at 800-828-1470.