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Platinum Resistance Thermometer Calibration Services

A platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) is one of the most precise temperature measurement devices available, providing linearity over a wide range and response times of less than a second. To get the most out of your PRT, regular calibration services are a must. No matter what industry you work in, testing your PRT against a temperature reference ensures the precision of your measurements, and prevents drift that can lead to increasingly inaccurate measurements over time.

Platinum resistance thermometer calibrations are performed using a standard platinum resistance thermometer (SPRT), which interpolates temperatures over a standard range as dictated by the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90), and adopted by NIST and other standard-setting bodies. Additional calibrations may be performed at application-specific temperatures to ensure that the PRT is accurate at the temperatures for which it is regularly used. The SPRT itself is calibrated against standard fixed-point cells, which in turn are calibrated against the ITS-90.

Platinum Resistance Thermometer Calibration Lab Services

Increase Accuracy with Accredited Temperature Calibration

Transcat's temperature calibration services are performed in an ISO 17025-accredited temperature calibration laboratory, and are ISO 9001-compliant with true SI Unit traceability through NIST, equivalent sources, or physical constants. Our Hart 5699 SPRT allows us to provide PRT/SPRT calibration from -195C to 1,000C, and we offer reference-level PRT/SPRT probe and primary standard temperature calibrations by comparison to indium, tin, zinc, and aluminum fixed-point reference cells.

Platinum Resistance Thermometer Calibration Lab Services

How is Platinum Resistance Thermometer Calibration Performed?

  • The PRT is placed in a stirred liquid temperature bath with an SPRT, and both are submerged to a specific depth dictated by the PRT/SPRT probes' diameter and the length of the sensors
  • The bath is engineered and calibrated to a stabilized temperature source, which provides a reliable foundation for the PRT/SPRT calibration process
  • The resistance of the PRT being tested is recorded at specific temperatures in the calibration range, and the results are plugged into a mathematical formula that takes a variety of variables into account, including the PRT reading, the SPRT reading, the temperature standard, and multiple correction factors
  • The resulting correction factor dictates the adjustments required to return the PRT to optimal performance

Transcat Offers Full Service PRT/SPRT Calibration Solutions

  • Transcat's Philadelphia calibration lab and Dayton, OH, calibration lab offer highly accurate reference-level temperature calibration, and specialize in PRTs, SPRTs, and secondary SPRTs
  • We are proud to offer calibration services for a broad array of RTD probes, including the Fluke Calibration 5600 series, and all models and ranges from Thermo Probe, Isotech, Ametek, and more
  • We can perform high-quality calibration for OEM systems or custom specifications at your location, or take advantage of our pickup and delivery service to have your calibrations performed in our accredited calibration laboratory

Discover What Transcat Calibration Has to Offer

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