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ph Meter & Conductivity Meter Calibration Services

Transcat accredited laboratories perform precise pH meter calibrations for the instruments used in a range of testing applications across industries such as chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, water utilities and HVAC. Our capabilities cover the calibration of portable, benchtop and handheld pH meters, as well as pH and conductivity tester calibration. Our highly skilled technicians service these instruments with an unmatched commitment to quality and full awareness that the accurate monitoring of a product's pH is integral to safety and quality. At Transcat, we calibrate pH meters to ensure that you can achieve accurate, consistent results, whether your meter is being utilized in critical or routine tasks, in the lab or the field. Get a Quote Today!

pH Meter Calibration for Water Quality

Through our electrochemical expertise, we calibrate digital pH meters and testers of varying pH range, accuracies and resolutions. Conductivity calibrations are performed according to the exact standards of each manufacturer or to customized specifications. Our capabilities include the advanced meters used in lab pH or water quality analysis. Skilled Transcat technicians also service the pH meters built for demanding applications, such as boiler water testing. With a pH calibration to high-level accuracy, you can have confidence that your scientific instruments and industry devices meet regulatory and industry quality requirements.

  • In our ISO17025-accredited calibration laboratories, manufacturer accuracy of the pH meter will be confirmed at standard or user-specified points.
  • We offer multidisciplinary expertise that fully covers the environmental tools which measure temperature, conductivity and pH.
  • Testing is available for the full range of pH meters from every manufacturer, including Thermo Scientific, Hanna Instruments, Myron L Company and Extech.
  • Our onsite or laboratory calibrations are ISO 9001-compliant and NIST-traceable.

Environmental Quality & pH Calibration Expertise

Through in-lab and onsite services, we calibrate pH meters and numerous other research-grade and industrial devices that deliver precision results. Our extensive capabilities meters from leaders, such as Myron L Company and Extech. In fact, we calibrate high-tech digital tools that measure a number of environmental parameters. Many pH instruments also provide temperature measurements. Each of Transcat's laboratories offers comprehensive electrical and temperature calibration services with accredited, industry-leading expertise. We also offer renowned reference-level capabilities for electrical and temperature instruments. All Transcat calibrations, in every discipline, are conducted according to stringent procedures with calibration consistency across our network of labs and among all of our technicians.

Industry-Leading Life Science Services

In addition to environmental instruments, our broad expertise in Life Science calibrations includes:

  • Pharmaceutical industry instruments from centrifuges and autoclaves to cryogenic freezers and sieves
  • Food industry instruments from polarimeters to refractometers
  • Biomedical industry instruments, such as pacemaker analyzers and cardiac output simulators

Precise Calibration of pH Meters

ph Meter & Conductivity Meter Calibration Lab Services

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