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Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) Calibration Services

The robust linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) is critical to industrial applications, such as automated tool measurement, factory automation and process control. Reliable LVDT technology captures linear displacement measurements for aerospace, research and oil drilling. Precision LVDT transducers also offer sensitivity for industrial gaging. At Transcat we calibrate LVDT transducers with industry-leading standards for quality, accreditation, and traceability, in a variety of electrical and mechanical configurations, including those for process control, machine engineering and other operations. The high tech LVDT sensor can deliver measurements of less than a micron and offer greater control over product dimensions. We service LVDT displacement transducers that are utilized on product lines for automatic go/no-go or sorting operations. Our experts in calibration also service pencil style probes that meet specialized gaging requirements. A regularly calibrated LVDT transducer will help to ensure the stable, precision measurements you need to prevent downtime, malfunctions and expenses in the workshop or industrial site. Get a free quote today!

How Does Transcat Calibrate LVDT Technology?

Transcat offers comprehensive, ISO/IEC 17025- accredited calibrations of dimensional test and measurement instrumentation. Our skilled technicians calibrate LVDT displacement and gauging transducers in various configurations, linearity specifications and measurement ranges. Using leading edge equipment, we perform stringently controlled processes to determine if an LVDT transducer is operating within acceptable tolerances. Transcat's elite expertise provides:

  • Calibration of AC linear position sensors in accordance with displacement measurement standards and application requirements
  • Confirmation of the accuracy, repeatability and performance of various types of displacement measuring tools
  • Identification of changes in LVDT transducer linearity and accuracy, based on the calibration standards for specific instruments
  • A valuable NIST-traceable record of your transducer calibrations, accessible through our Cal-Track online system

A Network of LVDT Calibration Labs

Transcat offers flexible options in the location where our efficient, cost-effective services will be completed. Many of the calibration laboratories within our extensive network offer in-lab or onsite dimensional capabilities. The in-process calibrations can support an inclusive approach that covers not only transducers but additional system components. Transcat performs advanced instrument calibration in dimensional disciplines, with the accredited, quality expertise of our laboratories consistent across our North American network. Specialized dimensional reference capabilities are also available in two, highly sophisticated Transcat facilities.

Precision Measurement Tool Calibration

Every linear transducer and precision measurement tool calibration is conducted with a dedication to accuracy and uncertainty control. In addition to high tech instruments such LVDT probes and optics based scales, we calibrate the general purpose, industrial tools you use daily, including:

  • Every type of micrometer calibration including bore, depth and groove
  • Dial, digital, and vernier calipers
  • Plug, height, feeler, ring and the full array of gages

Your Linear Displacement Transducer Calibration Provider

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