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Low Resistance & Microhmmeter Calibration Services

Transcat offers industry-leading expertise in the calibration of all types of instruments for resistance measurement. Our network of accredited laboratories performs microhmmeter calibrations that verify the accuracy of high performance instruments, which are used to measure very low resistance levels. We can confirm that instruments from a broad range of manufacturers are reliably capturing resistance according to performance specifications. We calibrate microhmmeters and milliohmmeters built for the full scope of applications, including quality control in manufacturing, plant maintenance, or field use. Our world-class electrical calibration capabilities cover the precision models of micro-ohmmeters that incorporate the four-wire Kelvin measurement method.

Can Transcat Confirm Micro-Ohmmeter Accuracy?

Our accredited calibration laboratories can calibrate your digital micro-ohmmeters that can measure low resistance connections and provide a current source. We confirm the accuracy and reliability of benchtop, portable and handheld meters with various resolutions, ranges, accuracies, and operational modes. Our highly skilled technicians understand the safety, quality and cost implications of having your dedicated ohmmeter reporting accurately and consistently during applications from fuse testing to cable resistance measurement. When a calibrated microhmmeter is needed to correctly perform contact resistance measurements for switchgear or rail bonds, entrust your tool to a Transcat precision laboratory with unparalleled standards of quality. Our high-accuracy services for resistance testers offer:

  • ISO 9001-compliant calibrations for the complete range of microhmmeters and milliohmmeters from Megger, AEMC, Extech, IET and more
  • Calibrations to exact OEM specifications with additional testing, if required, to confirm performance across the entire measurement range
  • Industry-leading ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory capabilities with true traceability to SI units through NIST
  • Services that exceed the most stringent quality requirements and adhere to processes developed by dedicated metrology experts

Measure Low Resistance Reliably

We calibrate electrical instruments that provide precision measurements in laboratory and industrial applications. Through consistency in processes, we can help you achieve precise low-resistance measurement. We have the capabilities to calibrate milliohmmeters with varying specifications, as well as specialized features and options ‚ from temperature compensation to data logging. Our Quality Team diligently oversees calibration procedures throughout our North American lab network. These precision processes can also conveniently come to you through onsite calibrations. Both in-lab and onsite services are performed with a dedication to superior efficiency and an exceptional customer commitment. Consistent, accurate and traceable calibrations are available at Transcat.

Industry-Leading Electrical Expertise

Our proven, industry-leading capabilities ensure accuracy in the devices used during electrical test and measurement. We offer comprehensive, accredited Electrical Calibration Services in each of our laboratories throughout the U.S. and Canada. In addition to microhmmeter and milliohmmeter calibration, we confirm the performance of a comprehensive array of devices, such as:

Calibrate Digital Milliohm Meters or Microohm Meters

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