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Calibrating Liquid in Glass (LIG) Thermometers

To ensure safety, productivity and profitability, commercial thermometers need to deliver responsiveness and accuracy. The simple liquid-in-glass (LIG) thermometer measures the temperature of the atmosphere, semi-solids, gases or liquids, and, when properly calibrated, can play a critical role in controlling temperature-dependent processes in the laboratory, cold storage facility, or manufacturing industry. Transcat's quality and metrology experts are the industry leaders in accredited liquid-in-glass thermometer calibrations that help to safeguard companies against incorrect temperature readings. You can rely on our global reputation for precision accuracy in temperature calibration.

Industrial Liquid-in-GlassThermometer Calibration Solutions

Transcat is recognized as a global authority in Thermometer Calibration Services. Through laboratory or onsite measurements, we can verify the accuracy of your partial or total immersion LIG thermometer and determine if it meets specification requirements. We calibrate your in-house reference and working thermometers according to the highest standards. Our knowledgeable technicians can also calibrate thermometers you've just purchased, preparing them for integration into your control systems.

  • Transcat's ISO 17025 accredited thermometer calibration services accommodate a wide range of instruments that must meet precision temperature measurement requirements.
  • Our temperature calibration quality systems are ISO 9001-compliant, with true SI Unit traceability through NIST, equivalent sources, or physical constants.
  • We offer expertise for a full range of liquid-in-glass thermometer designs from most every manufacturer, including Bacharach, Thermco, Cole-Parmer and other brands.
  • Our labs can serve as your single source for calibrating a variety of thermometers including liquid-in-glass, digital, and infrared thermometer calibration that are used for measurements with a broad scope of accuracies.
  • Transcat thermometer measurements range from -195°C to 600°C.

Liquid In Glass Thermometer Calibration Lab Services

Consistency in LIG Thermometer Measurement

Calibration is a crucial part of consistent, accurate temperature measurement. Periodic professional service from a trusted source can prevent the disastrous effects linked to inaccuracy. Precisely calibrated instruments deliver reliable measurements required in applications from food production to construction. Transcat's metrology labs throughout North America offer device inspection, accuracy measurements against standards, and meticulous corrections as needed. The convenience of high quality, onsite calibration services can be efficiently performed at your location, with the calibration conducted according to manufacturer or custom application specifications. Let us calibrate a thermometer for your organization that works to ensure product quality, regulatory compliance, and safety.

Broad Temperature Calibration Capabilities

Transcat offers Temperature Calibration Services in all of the accredited calibration labs across our network. In addition to our extensive thermometer calibrations, our services in the temperature discipline include:

  • Resistance Thermometry Devices (RTDs) from numerous brands
  • Comprehensive thermocouple calibration of all types
  • Dry block, temperature oven, bath, and furnace calibration
  • Accredited reference temperature calibration services

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