Transcat Calibration servicesTranscat Calibration services

Decade Box Calibration Lab Services

From the electronic workshop to the test laboratory, Transcat calibrates decade boxes that satisfy the requirements of a broad range of industries and applications. As the definitive leader in electrical calibration services, Transcat offers decade box calibration services that verify the specifications of everything from standard to high-performance models, and our calibration services cover a wide range of box manufacturers. With an expertly calibrated decade box, you will be ready to quickly verify equipment accuracy or perform field-to-factory troubleshooting that supports safety and productivity.

How Does Transcat Ensure Accurate Electrical Calibration?

Decade boxes come with specific ranges, maximum resolutions, number of decades, and accuracy ratings. Transcat can check your benchtop or portable decade boxes and other electrical devices across their entire range of operation and perform accredited calibration services to custom or manufacturer specifications, which will allow you to maintain full confidence in device capabilities.

  • Calibrations on decade capacitors, decade resistors, and process meters, as well as virtually all electrical devices, are performed in accordance with stringent quality standards in our ISO 17025-accredited calibration labs
  • With true traceability to SI units through NIST and ISO-9001 calibration compliance, our accredited electrical calibration capabilities meet and even surpass the most stringent quality requirements
  • Transcat services a comprehensive range of electrical instruments and devices, including multimeters and sensors, power supplies, transmitters and load cells, along with oscilloscopes

Transcat's Electrical Calibration Benefits

Decade Box Calibration Lab Services

Quality is entrenched in the Transcat culture, and this is very clear in our electrical calibration services.

  • Transcat's North American calibration labs offer accredited electrical calibrations for both standard and high-accuracy instrumentation
  • We service all makes and models of electrical equipment for all sizes of businesses
  • Our electrical capabilities include AC resistors/current, DC resistance/current, DC/AC-LF voltage, LF capacitance, LF power/energy and additional capabilities, all within an impressive range of measurement parameters
  • Transcat offers high-voltage testing capability to 120,000 VDC, plus reference-level electrical DC/AC-LF laboratory standard services in our Houston calibration laboratory

Decade Box Calibration Lab Services

Calibrating Electronics for Your Application

Our in-lab, onsite calibration services, or in-process calibrations are performed by highly trained staff, including ASQ-certified calibration technicians, who represent the majority of our calibration laboratory staff. All calibrations are performed according to the same processes and with the same elevated standards across our entire network of labs, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in calibration, no matter which location you choose. If you need the flexibility of metrology excellence outside of a lab, our teams are available to bring Transcat proficiency to your facility. We also calibrate in-process electrical instruments, including transmitters and switches, to your custom or manufacturer specifications.

Precise Industrial Equipment Calibrations

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