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Crimp Tool Calibration Services from Transcat

The crimp tool meets the demands of automotive, telecommunications, electrical and metal forming industries by making proper and secure connections. However, when a crimping tool is working in a critical application, such as in the manufacturing or aviation industries, it needs to be calibrated in accordance with regulated equipment standards. Transcat's fully accredited dimensional calibration services cover crimp tools and crimpers of all makes and models, designed for various standards and crimping ranges. We ensure that precision-made tools can meet your electrical and telecommunications demands. Our accredited services for crimper calibrations are performed according to stringent processes designed by experts in the metrology field. The calibration of new crimp tools can be the first step to integrating them into a quality assurance system. Depending on the tool manufacturer, recalibrations may be recommended annually or after a specific number of crimps.

Why Does My Crimper Need Calibration?

The industrial crimp tool requires calibration to confirm performance in relation to specifications and to identify needed repairs or adjustments. Calibrating a crimp tool can also involve the electrical and mechanical testing (pull test) of a crimped joint. Transcat has the highly regarded lab expertise and specialized equipment to conduct crimp tool calibrations according to the rigorous standards your industry requires. Our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories offer:

  • SI traceable calibrations through NIST for manual, ratchet-type, battery-powered and intelligent crimping tools (sets and systems) from a range of manufacturers such as: AMP, Tyco Electronics, and more.
  • Extensive laboratory capabilities in a full scope of disciplines, as well as convenient on-site or in-process calibration services.
  • Efficient calibrations performed by skilled, audited technicians according to consistent processes and standards across our network of labs.
  • Services in accordance with meticulously documented, internally monitored and externally audited quality management systems.

The Value of a Calibrated Crimping Tool

When weighed against the potential risks, the cost of our accredited calibration services is minimal, while the value it provides is significant. In critical applications, poor tool performance can cause compromised safety and quality defects that harm a brand and generate liability. Transcat is dedicated to delivering precision calibrations cost-effectively that allow the commercial user to have greater confidence in the quality, consistency and reliability of the crimp joints produced. We are the industry's premier provider of tool calibrations, for both measuring and non-measuring devices. Our capabilities cover mechanical, electrical and dimensional tools used by companies of all sizes. We offer multiple levels of accredited calibration services to accommodate the unique needs of your business.

  • We calibrate many of the instruments we sell in just three working days and provide rapid turnarounds on in-service tools entrusted to our lab expertise.
  • Your tool calibration certificate will be available online through CalTrak, our calibration management system, meaning secure access to instrument records is always available.
  • Our crimper and additional tool calibrations can be performed in accordance with original equipment manufacturer or customer-specified parameters.

Reliable Crimp Tool Calibrations

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