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Caliper Calibration Services from Transcat

If you need to take dimensional measurements with extreme accuracy, then you need caliper calibration services from Transcat, your top test tool calibration company. We ensure that your precision measurement instruments meet critical inspection and quality system requirements through ISO/IEC 17025-accredited calibration services designed for digital and mechanical calipers from a variety of manufacturers. Our stringent calibration processes ensure that calipers meet mechanical engineering, machining, parts design, quality control, and inspection requirements. You'll be confident knowing that your caliper will provide unmatched accuracy in its applications and that its uncertainty is safely within tolerances.

Transcat: an Industry-Leading Caliper Calibrator

If a caliper does not indicate zero in a closed jaw position, or has been mishandled or stressed, then it's time for professional calibration and tool inspection services. We calibrate caliper test tools with a focus on ensuring accuracy during inside, outside, depth, step, thickness, and length measurements.Whether you're using Mitutoyo digital calipers, Starrett outside calipers, Vernier calipers, or any other type of calipers, our metrology experts assess instrument accuracy in relation to application and specifications through our network of North American calibration laboratories.

  • We service all types of calipers, including dial, digital, and vernier, from a full range of manufacturers
  • Our technicians are steadfast in checking more points along the instrument's range to ensure it's up to standard
  • We provide ISO 9001-compliant and ISO/IEC 17025-accredited calibration services that deliver true traceability to SI units through NIST
  • Dimensional calibration services are available in our accredited calibration labs across North America, while our Dayton calibration lab and Rochester calibration lab deliver reference-level capabilities for dimensional standards

Calibrations in the Dimensional Discipline

Caliper Calibration Lab Services

Transcat confirms the integrity of your measurements with calibrations that verify caliper functionality and support operator accuracy. With an unparalleled commitment to measurement and uncertainty control, our metrology experts provide consistent processes across every dimensional calibration lab. While we are a recognized leader in NIST-traceable calibrations, we also have additional service levels to match the traceability and documentation that your internal quality systems demand.

One Source for Accuracy in Measurement

  • Let us calibrate your entire precision hand tool inventory, like steel rulers, tape measures, micrometers, and more
  • We diligently calibrate instruments of all sizes and complexities in our lab or in the field
  • Quickly log in to our CalTrak system to see the status of your instruments or to review certificates

Caliper Calibration Lab Services

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