Glossary of Terms - E

Electromotive Force (EMF)

An electrical potential difference which produces or tends to produce an electric current.


Absorption of heat.


A steady-state, balanced condition, not presently undergoing a change.

Eutectic Temperature

The lowest melting point of a temperature system, usually two or more metals; often characterized as a bonding point, as in eutectic bonding gold to aluminum silicon.

Expanded Scale

An arrangement that expands a specific portion of an overall range to occupy a larger portion of the full-scale length than it normally would.

Explosion Proof

Equipment enclosed in a case that is capable of withstanding an explosion of a specified gas or vapor that may occur within it and of preventing the ignition of a specified gas or vapor surrounding the enclosures by sparks, flashes, or explosion of the gas or vapor within. It also must operate at such an external temperature that a surrounding flammable atmosphere will not be ignited.