Yokogawa Power Clamp-ons Meters

Yokogawa is a leader in the development of clamp-on testers to cover most every application. The company’s CL meter series with digital displays are popular choices for Transcat customers. Models include AC, AC/DC, and leakage current clamps that come in diverse ranges and dimensions. The Yokogawa CL200 clamp-ons supply basic functionality, offering AC/DC current measurement for professionals, from electricians to HVAC techs. Take the Yokogawa CL255 clamp-on tester. It provides a 55mm-diameter of measurable conductor and conforms to safety standards.
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  1. Yokogawa CW240-D/DA USED FOR SALE Clamp-on Power Meter
    Used Yokogawa CW240-D/DA Clamp-on Power Meter Clamp-on Power Meter
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