First and foremost, the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners are always a top priority at Transcat, and we recognize we play an important role in providing essential products and services to our customers.  We also understand the weight of our responsibility in this situation. Please know we are committed to supporting the containment of the virus while maintaining operational readiness and ensuring that you have access to the products, services and support that you expect – and need - from us.

As we navigate this rapidly evolving situation together, we want to share with you the extra precautions we are taking to ensure the safety and security of our employees and valued customers.

  • Transcat has established a COVID-19 task force, which meets daily, to ensure that our team is responding properly to the rapidly changing issues around this global pandemic
  • We are adhering to the guidelines and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) for reducing the spread of COVID-19
  • We've instituted a pandemic protocol across our organization so we can continue to serve our customers and mitigate risk
  • ALL work-related travel except for direct onsite service to our customers has been suspended.
    • When performing necessary onsite service for our customers, we are following recommended protocols including self-assessments and travel disclosures and are asking the same from our customers
  • We are not allowing non-essential visitors to enter Transcat sites
    • Any essential visitors (example: customers dropping of test & measurement equipment needing service) are asked to disclose their recent travel activity, potential exposure, and general well-being
  • Required all non-essential employees (personnel whose roles allow) to work remotely from home in order to adhere to the social distancing recommendations issued by global health officials.
  • We are closely monitoring and preparing to react to any federal, state or local mandates

Our lab operations remain open. We do not anticipate significant disruptions to supply chain in the short-term. We are working with our partners to minimize any potential delays in the coming months.

We understand we’re an important part of your supply chain and that we provide essential services for many of your businesses. We are taking all necessary precautions, while maintaining the same level of service that you rely on. We will keep you informed if there are any notable changes in our ability to do that.

We hope all of you and your families remain safe during this difficult time.

Update Transcat's approach around the Coronavirus