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Warehouse Temperature Mapping Validation Services by Transcat

For perishable products / goods such as medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, it is essential that the temperature and humidity of warehouses in which they are stored are attentively controlled. USP Good Storage and Shipping Practices, among other regulatory requirements, such as GMP and FDA, offer guidelines for the safe storage of such materials. Variations in humidity and temperature may have disastrous consequences if they cause things such as medicines to become ineffective, or alter the quality of sensitive products.

Transcat offers effective evaluation and validation of a warehouse's HVAC system to determine the design's suitability for the storage of materials with these requirements. The results are evaluated for approval of the space's intended use, and are also analyzed to document the warm and cold locations of each area for the effective placement of monitoring sensors to ensure continued compliance.

Warehouse Temperature Mapping

Transcat's Storage Warehouse Mapping Process:

  • Up to 300 NIST traceable Wireless Data Loggers available for high resolution Temperature and Humidity Monitoring throughout a Warehouse's HVAC system
  • Loggers have a real time display with Temperature and Humidity Readings
  • Loggers can also be locally monitored using a smart device with a Bluetooth connection
  • Larger Warehouses can be mapped in zones to maintain desired logger density per aisle
  • Warehouses as large as 5 acres can be accommodated

Transcat is offering full service and self service temperature mapping options to meet your project's cost and delivery requirements.

The full-service option is our standard service delivery, where Transcat prepares the documents and equipment, and performs onsite execution of the warehouse mapping.

The self-service option offers cost savings by the client supplying the personnel to place preconfigured data loggers at the start of the study, and then read, take down, and return the loggers to Transcat after the mapping study. Transcat will supply the iPad, instructions, and additional support as necessary to read the loggers after the study concludes. Transcat provides remote analysis of the raw data and supplies digital copies of the graphs, summary, and raw data for the study. The client is responsible for documenting logger placement and data results in the protocol.



Transcat Protocol Generation Logger Configuration Onsite Execution Summary Report

Customer Protocol Approval Final Approval

Transcat Protocol Generation Logger Configuration Remote Support Remote Data Analysis Summary Report

Customer Protocol Approval Logger Placement Protocol Execution Reads & Return Loggers Final Approval