Transcat Calibration services

Warm and Cold Storage Temperature Mapping Validation Services

At Transcat, we know accurate and consistent autoclave and cold storage temperature performance is critical to meeting regulatory standards and internal goals for excellence. Even the smallest deviation in temperature consistency can have a significant impact on your end results. That's why our highly qualified validation technicians come fully prepared with the latest tools and temperature mapping calibration capabilities to perform temperature mapping validations with industry-leading expertise. Establishing a regular maintenance and calibration schedule with Transcat for all of your temperature-dependent equipment ensures that you're getting the best return on your investment and that your equipment is performing to the manufacturers specifications.

Temperature Mapping Services for Industrial Regulatory Compliance

Transcat delivers optimized validation by custom designing a protocol for each client to ensure the organization complies with the necessary FDA, ICH, GMP, ASTM, GLP, or Code of Federal Regulations standards. Each custom protocol is reviewed and approved before our technicians arrive on-site, allowing for an efficient, consistent process that includes:

  • 24-hour loaded, empty, or as-is mapping
  • Open-door and power-failure recovery studies
  • Calibration of pressure gauges and temperature probes
  • Conduct loop calibrations with in-line recorders, building monitoring systems, and digital display
  • Use NIST traceable wireless or standard data acquisition systems in all our studies
  • Biological Indicators to prove biological kill with 10^6 spore population (Autoclave Validation)

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